Wow, if you’re like me, you’re finding it hard to believe it’s December already!  While we’ve all got plenty of things going on this time of year, if you are planning to list your house in 2018, now is the time to start the process!  I know it doesn’t seem like it, but spring will be here before we know it, and if you want to get a jump on the hot spring real estate market here in Metro Atlanta, you’ll want to take a little time this holiday season to start preparing your house for listing in 2018.  Believe me, if you start planning now, your “to do” list will be far more manageable when it comes time to list. Once you are familiar with the process involved maybe you’ll see what I mean! Here are just a few things to consider if you are thinking of listing your house in early 2018. 

Identify Your Goals

Everyone has a different set of goals when it comes to selling their house.  Some need a quick close, while others have plenty of time, and want to maximize their profits.  No matter where you fall on this spectrum, it is very important to identify your goals and communicate them to your real estate agent.

Establish a Listing Price

This is where I come in!  Your real estate agent will help you establish the best listing price to meet your goals.  When you choose me as your listing agent, I will prepare a comparative market analysis to see what the market is like in your area.  There are so many factors involved here:  I will consider the age and condition of you house, the upgrades and features of your house, the comparable sales in your neighborhood, and your personal goals for selling your house.  Pricing your house right from the get-go is crucial.  Many houses that are priced too high remain on the market too long and the eventual sales price can end up being less than if they had priced it right to begin with.

Get your House Market Ready

Most of us tend to overlook the little things in our homes that can be a distraction to potential homebuyers.  Especially during the holidays and immediately after, our homes tend to not be in perfect condition.  When you decide to list your house, you’ll want to take certain steps to ensure your house makes the very best first impression it can. Make sure cosmetic repairs are made, your personal décor such as family photos are put away, areas of clutter are cleaned up, and that your home is clean, fresh and updated when it comes to paint colors and flooring.  I can help you decide what needs to be done to ensure your house is in its best market-ready condition with your budget in mind.

Listing Time

It’s a very exciting time once you’re ready to list your house!  Your real estate agent will help you with details like staging your house and the last minute things that need to be done before listing.  If you decide to list with me, you’ll also receive a comprehensive marketing strategy including all the latest tactics to ensure we are reaching the maximum number of potential buyers.  For more on my marketing strategies and listing tips, check out my “Gettting Ready To List” page for details.

If you’re considering selling your house in 2018, give me a call and I’ll make sure you are taking all the steps necessary to prepare you house for listing in 2018.  While you’re enjoying your holiday season, you can rest assured I’m doing all I can to ensure your house is ready to be listed well ahead of the spring market rush!  Happy Holidays!