Metro School Systems

Atlanta Area Schools By County

Here in the Metro Atlanta area, we are fortunate to have some of the very best schools in the Southeast. As a professional real estate agent, I am proud to represent our North Fulton area and the many schools of excellence our counties offer. From nationally ranked private schools, to public, magnet and charter schools, K-12 educational institutions across the Metro Atlanta are garnering headlines and drawing many potential homebuyers to Atlanta, for good reason. We all know the value of investing in our children, so we all want what is best for them educationally.  No matter if you have a top athlete needing alternative schooling options, or a mathlete looking for STEM programs, you’ll find the perfect school for your child in Metro Atlanta.

For rankings and detailed information on schools in the Metro Atlanta area, is a great resource, giving prospective homebuyers ability to search for schools by criteria such as grade level, private, charter, magnet, or specialty.  If you are buying a home in the Atlanta area and want to find the best private schools, AAAIS a good place to start.  

Georgia’s HOPE scholarship program is another great benefit our state has to offer its students. HOPE or “Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally” has provided over $9.4 billion to help the state’s high achieving scholars realize their dreams of attending post-secondary institutions.  For HOPE program eligibility requirements and application information, visit


Atlanta Area Public Schools:

Here you will find award winning schools in each county. Just click on the links below by county or read reviews and do comparisons in the Great Schools search tool below. Another great search tool to look for award winning schools, test scores and more take a look at the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) School Guide.


North Atlanta School Systems: