Explore & Discover Alpharetta 


Alpharetta is a beautiful and vibrant city located just to the north in Metro Atlanta. It offers a unique blend of excellent schools, incredible job opportunities, great shopping and cultural events and abundant green space. It’s home to Avalon, which is a fantastic retail development offering high-end shopping, excellent restaurants, a cinema, and residential homes for sale and rental apartments too. Alpharetta truly is one of the hottest markets in both commercial and residential real estate, but it’s been able to maintain its down-to-earth character.

Alpharetta has an incredible quality of life and the city is filled with a range of exceptional residential neighborhoods. From swim/tennis/golf communities to urban lofts to neighborhoods with a sense of history. It’s a good idea to take some time to discover the distinct character of each neighborhood.

Along with restaurants, parks and entertainment venues, you’ll find a variety of neighborhood organizations, civic clubs, business associations and volunteer opportunities, as well..