The Importance of Staging

The importance of staging your home!

Most people have seen home makeovers on TV featuring celebrity designers transforming homes with their own expertise or with the help of professional staging companies.   If you’re familiar with these shows, you’ll appreciate the difference staging a home can make.  Staging your home can provide many benefits including selling your home in the shortest amount of time possible and garnering the best price. 


Allows The Buyers To See Themselves Living In Your Home:

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, the best thing you can do is to begin thinking of it as no longer YOUR home. It’s important to detach yourself emotionally so that you can do what’s necessary to have your home show the very best it can. If you have lots of personal/family photos on the walls and other places, you’ll be making it difficult for anyone else to visualize themselves living in YOUR space.  If you are ready to make the move, it’s best to pack up the treasured personal memories and know they are just that…your personal memories that pose a distraction to potential buyers.  Of course, you don’t need to get rid of everything. A professional stager can help you to select which items can remain and which to pack up and send to storage.


Helps You See What You Can’t See:

A professional stager can be objective and can see what you can’t in your own home.  The cluttered desk, the oversized furniture that makes a room look a fraction of its size, the stained sofa, the dingy rugs and dusty window treatments.  It’s likely your kitchen looks like many others in the real world…fruit baskets, canisters, toaster ovens, coffee makers and dish towels are functional pieces in our daily lives, but to a prospective home buyer, they are only clutter, and can be detracting from the beauty of your granite countertops.  The things we see every single day become easy to overlook and a stager can bring your home into a new light with fresh perspective and expertise.


Makes Your Home Look Its Best:

Bottom line, a stager can make your home look its best. What works for your lifestyle may not bring out your home’s best features.  You may have a super comfy, overstuffed sofa you love to lounge on during family movie night, but did you even realize it may hide your best views and make your room look crowded?  Stagers know how to spot potential problems and how to remedy them too.  Stagers often have access to furnishings and décor to help bring out the best your home has to offer.  

If you’re looking to list your home in Atlanta, and you want a quick sale for the best price, don’t overlook the importance of staging your home.  It may seem like an inconvenience or just another added expense, but staging will ensure your house has that WOW factor that homebuyers are looking for…and will help you get that quick sale!