Explore & Discover Roswell

What makes a city or town a “truly great place to live?” Not surprisingly it’s things like affordable housing, good schools, convenient location, and low crime rate. But even more importantly, it’s community, diversity, quality of life, parks and recreation, natural beauty, and the uniqueness of its history. Roswell is a hands-down winner on all counts!

The Huffington Post named Roswell as one of the most “surprisingly, genuinely cool” suburbs in the country.

In fact, Roswell has often made the list of the best places to live in America. In addition to affordable homes with established yards and big trees, Roswell’s central location (about 20 miles north of downtown Atlanta – close to the suburbs and not too far from the city), low crime rate, strong and close-knit community feel, and rich history make it a top choice among all age and socio-economic groups.